Friday, March 4, 2011

Candidates for 2012 Board of Directors Announced

For President-Elect:
David Cappoli, University of California-Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Ca.
Deb Hunt, Information Edge, San Leandro, Ca.

For Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect
Constance Ard, Answer Maven, Louisville, Ky.
Debbie Schachter, Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, Canada

For Division Cabinet Chair-Elect
Ann Koopman, Thomas Jefferson University, Broomall, Pa.
Catherine Lavallée Welch, University of South Florida Polytechnic, Lakeland, Fl.

For Director (two positions)
Marilyn Bromley, Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., Alexandria, Va.
Hal Kirkwood, Purdue University, West Lafayette, In.
Jane Macoustra, Tai-Pan Research, Surrey, United Kingdom
Chris Zammarelli, ATSG, Arlington, Va.

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