Saturday, April 11, 2009

Leverage Your Career Workshop was a major success!

On Thursday April 8th NCSLA, along with corporate sponsor InMagic, hosted a well-attended seminar called “Leverage Your Career”. Drawing both experienced SLA members and guests, as well as area students, the seminar provided an overview on special librarianship along with winning job search strategies and tips for approaching resumes and interviews. Presenters also offered suggestions for staying current in the profession and for making effective career choices. After a networking break, the second half of the program featured career stations where local professionals working in diverse settings offered commentary and guidance along with resume review services. The event was well-received and noted for its timeliness as students and professionals alike work to navigate a treacherous job market. A theme that ran throughout the program was the importance of leveraging professional contacts throughout one’s career and undoubtedly membership in associations such as SLA is a critical first step in building relationships that can foster a successful and fulfilling career in special librarianship.

Post "Copywrong to Copright" notes

On Friday April 3rd NCSLA, in partnership with Iconitel, hosted an educational seminar titled “Copywrong to Copyright”. The event was attended by 16 people from a broad cross-section of local corporate libraries. Presenter Eileen McQuilkin, a Senior Consultant with Iconitel, used a true or false format to address ambiguities in interpretation of copyright law with attention paid to the challenges posed by emerging technologies. The eye-opening discussion prompted audience members to take away a “proceed with caution” mentality when it comes to the use and redistribution of content.