Monday, June 8, 2009

SLA President-Elect Anne Caputo Addresses NCSLA Members at UNCG

On May 19th, SLA President-Elect Anne Caputo visited UNC Greensboro and addressed members of NCSLA. Anne acknowledged the difficult economic climate that special librarians are working in and spoke to the need for planning. She emphasized the value that librarians bring to the table in a "time of information explosion" and encouraged members to work to improve communication and preparation skills to adapt to change, including changing "our terminology based on what the world calls it". She stated that special librarians need to be more in tune to the perceptions of those outside the profession and work to "align ourselves with the needs of the world"; studies have shown a disconnect between what those within the profession believe is important versus what others feel is important. In closing, Anne encouraged NCSLA members to "be positive, flexible, confident and willing to learn."